Friday, June 12, 2009

The Shadow of the Wind

Penguin, 2009. Christopher Brand runs into a giant book while visiting Barcelona in this classic adventure yarn.


Penguin, 2009. This book tells you why the government shouldn't arrest little kids for posting YouTube videos of themselves lip-syncing to Michael Jackson.

The Partnership

Penguin, 2009. If you've got a problem, we've got the answer. Call...The Partnership.

Thomas Pynchon: Inherent Vice

Penguin Press, 2009. Designed with Darren Haggar. Strap on your seatbelts, punks, cuz Pynchon is hitting the beach for some California noir in August. Type is embossed and printed in neon ink. Art by Cruiserart.

The Genesis Secret

Viking, 2009. It's the biggest secret to hit the planet since The Da Vinci Code! Type is chisel desbossed, snake is chisel embossed.

The Unpossessed City

Penguin, 2009. Image inspired by Elsa Chiao's awesome hardcover design. An American slacker gets involved with the wrong girl in Moscow in this great thriller.

The China Lover

Penguin, 2009. Thanks, Gabriele Wilson, for a great hardcover design and for supplying the art.